Young People's Groups

Senior Luther League

        Senior Luther League, made up of high school students, has been blessed by strong participation over the years. Along with worship participation for Easter sunrise, many of the youth are active in worship through attendance at LOGOS. The group has attended National ELCA Youth Gatherings every three years in several US cities, each with its own special opportunities for worship, cultural immersion, fun, and mission. Several fun group activities are planned throughout the year, and the league works to provide assistance to local, national and global charities through yearly projects.

Junior Luther League

        The Junior Luther League keeps active with many activities to enhance full participation in church life. The group consists of seventh and eighth grade students. These youth are active in worship participation through involvement in the LOGOS program, which is a requirement of confirmation instruction. Other highlights include their annual ice cream social, trips to Bible camp, fellowship events, and projects to benefit local and global charities.